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We are specialists in energy and risk management.

We support public & private sector organisations manage energy and emissions and risks.

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We support public & private sector organisations manage energy and emissions and risks.

We provide

Independent risk assessments of major infrastructure and
projects. ESOS, ESG, SECR reports. GHG Protocol,  CRP and PAS2060 advise.

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We deliver

Independent reviews,
assessments, appraisals,
supporting critical projects and deliver reports across Energy and Risk Management.

We help

Develop and implement
enduring business processes and compliance reporting,
that help protect delivery
of your objectives.

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Our services include

ARC ServiceIcon 1EnergyUse

Energy use & emissions

ARC ServiceIcon 2MngingRisks

Managing risks & building resilience

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Assurance for energy trading

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A trusted advisor

We are an independent, trusted advisor.
Providing professional energy and risk
management. Experienced, innovative and independent analysis.

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We strive to be clear and strategic. Staying connected to our industry values.

ESOS Phase 3 Update

Compliance Notification Enforcement Extension Position Statement Changed to 6th August 2024.

The Environment Agency has issued a position statement regarding compliance notification enforcement for Phase 3 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). 

With the new IT system scheduled to go live on March 19th, there is now a requirement for a two-stage compliance notification process. 

To help participants complete compliance promptly, the Environment Agency has provided this statement after extensive discussions with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, who lead on ESOS policy. 

For organizations that qualify for Phase 3 of ESOS, the deadline for submitting a compliance notification is June 5th, 2024. It is recommended that organisations aim to meet this compliance notification deadline where possible. 

However, the Environment Agency and regulators for the Devolved Administrations will not take enforcement action against organizations that fail to comply with this legal requirement, provided that they meet the following conditions:

– Registration of the account in the new IT system has been completed by June 5th, 2024.

– Notification of compliance is submitted no later than August 6th, 2024.

-Action Plan Submission no later than 5th December 2024.

Click here for more information on ESOS

ESOS Audit

Several stages must be concluded to complete your ESOS report and notify compliance to the regulator. These include identifying and measuring significant energy use and calculating energy intensity ratios, whilst ensuring audits identify all practical and material energy savings opportunities.

Before notifying the regulator, the report and recommended – and quantified – energy savings proposals must be reviewed and signed off by board-level directors. This should explain – how and when – you intend to reduce energy use, and the underlying assumptions.

The last date to submit your compliance notification is Tuesday, August 6th 2024.

Following notification, you are also required to: maintain documentation, complete an “action plan” (by 5th December 2024) and two subsequent annual progress updates.ARC Insights NewsArticlePlay

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